Organic Dietary Superfood + Minerals

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Organic Dietary Superfood + Minerals

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A plant based, all-natural and organic product, the Dietary Superfood + Minerals formulation will provide a thorough cleanse and detoxification to fast-track toxin removal and re-set your body. This process will boost energy, improve sleep patterns, oxygenate blood, improve skin health and assist with weight loss.

Only the highest-quality, premium ingredients are used to provide chlorophyll, vitamins, protein, amino acids, enzymes, anti-oxidants, fibre along with essential minerals required by the body for replenishment and maintenance.

The fast-acting formula also includes; Organic Supergreens for anti-oxidants, protein, amino acids, weight loss, heart health and lowering of blood glucose levels; Essential trace minerals for skeletal maintenance, improved immune system, cell production, nerve and muscle function, enzymes, tissue growth, pH balance & energy production; Detoxifying Clay for internal cleansing, gut health, digestion, weight loss, cholestrol, thyroid and respitory health, and Stevia to make it taste great.

Also included is 15 pH strips to test the pH of your body system and a step-by-step Starter Guide.

Organic Wheat Grass Organic Barley Grass Organic Spirulina Organic Chlorella Organic Spinach Organic Alfalfa Organic Mineral Blend (Sodium, Potassium & Calcium) Organic Stevia
Consume 1 sachet, twice per day. For a stronger detox consume up to 4 sachets per day.