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Once your weight loss goals have been met you should progress onto the Living Lean Lifestyle Formula.

The Living Lean Lifestyle Formula will see you follow a simple four-step process:

1. Living Lean Lifestyle Formula

Consume 1 -2 litres of the Living Lean Lifestyle Formula per day.

2. Alkaline Water

Mix your Living Lean Lifestyle Formula with Alkaline Water by continuing to use of your water wand. Bottled alkaline water can be purchased and substituted if required.

3. Living Lean Approved Food

Consume solid food ensuring it follows an approved food (alkaline) vs non-approved food (non-alkaline) ratio of 80/20. Click here to download the ‘Approved Food’ list.

4. Living Lean pH Strips

Continue to track your acid levels via the Living Lean pH strips. The goal is to keep your pH stable at 7.4 or above. Your pH strip is your indicator as to how much Living Lean Lifestyle Formula you are required to consume. If your strip drops below 7.4 on the pH scale, increase the amount of formula you consume.

Progressing to the Living Lean Lifestyle Formula will ensure:

  • Cell, body and skin health is maintained
  • Muscle mass is maintained
  • Mental focus remains strong
  • Energy levels continue to increase
  • Correct supplementation (vitamins, minerals and nutrients) for optimal health
  • Resistance to sickness and poor health
  • Decreased aches and pains, and
  • Improved recovery from sports performance

The Living Lean Lifestyle Formula is not just an average green powder found in your health food store. The Living Lean Lifestyle Formula is a synergistic blend of trace minerals and organic nutrient dense superfoods, produced in a bio-available format to ensure strong absorption to maintain optimal health.

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  1. Living Lean Water Wand & pH Strips
    Supplement your kit with additional ‘Water Wands’ and ‘pH strips’. A great way of ensuring results as it allows you to keep a ‘kit’ at work and another at home. Learn More
  2. Living Lean Green Capsules
    Living Lean Green Capsules are a unique blend of organic nutrient dense superfoods including Chlorophyll, Amino Acids, Vitamins, Enzymes and Protein in a highly bio-available capsule form. Consumption of the Living Lean Green Capsules in conjunction with the Living Lean Program & Meal plan may assist with weight loss, detoxifying and alkalising the body and assist with energy levels promoting a sense of well-being. 30 Day supply. Learn More
  3. Organic Dietary Superfood + Minerals - Cacao Flavour (300 grams)
    A plant based, all-natural and organic product, the Dietary Superfood + Minerals formulation will provide a thorough cleanse and detoxification to fast-track toxin removal and re-set your body. This process will boost energy, improve sleep patterns, oxygenate blood, improve skin health and assist with weight loss.] Learn More
  4. Organic Dietary Superfood + Minerals
    Living Lean Organic Dietary Superfood + Minerals is a high potency, extra-strength formulation specifically designed to increase the alkalinity of the human body to provide a strong, rapid and intense detox.. Learn More
  5. Living Lean Refill / Lifestyle Kit
    Continue on the road to alkalinity by achieving a rapid detox, fast weight loss and overall good health through the Living Lean Alkalising Greens. Learn More

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