About Us - Background of Living Lean

When presenting the Living Lean program, I am constantly asked to answer the following question:

How did the Living Lean program come about?

What a great question.

It seemed logical to provide the answer here as it offers great insight into the motivator, research and background of this ground-breaking program.

In 2004, I had a visitor to my gym from a middle aged family friend whom I had known my entire life. This friend proceeded to inform me that he had been diagnosed with cancer. He had come to see me to ask for my professional opinion on the best nutritional practices he needed to implement to beat this cancer.

To say I was shocked was an understatement. But worse still I had no real idea what information to give him! I knew the basics, like eating leafy green vegetables, but I really had no idea how to advise him. This was someone I cared greatly for, and wanted to give him the best advice possible, given that it was a life or death situation.
I began to research and was a sponge for information. I would work a full day and then come home excited to learn some more on this interesting topic and ground breaking research.

Whilst undertaking this research my brother in law had returned home from a stint in the UK playing rugby. At a family function we were talking about the detailed research I had undertaken and the interesting findings to come from it. He proceeded to tell me that he had friend back in the UK that was specialising in cancer treatment and that he thought there may have been some synergy between our findings.

Obviously, I was quick to make contact!

Countless midnight webinars were undertaken leading to contact being made with other health professionals in the UK and across the globe, who had many different ideas on the topic.
It was somewhere in the middle of all of these differing opinions that I came to the understanding of what optimal health should look like. I found a strong link between these holistic cancer treatments and fast effective weight loss. Being a former professional athlete and having been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years I was disappointed with what I had learned in my so called, field of expertise. Optimal health was not being achieved through traditional methods and the health and fitness industry seemed to be brain-washing graduates into thinking otherwise.

I came to the conclusion after years of research that once true health was achieved, fast and effective weight loss was sure to follow.
This led to a long process of trial and error in searching for different natural, mainly organic ingredients that assisted in creating optimal health through the improved efficiency and multiplication of healthy blood cells.

In correlation with the health professionals from across the world who were leading research in this field, I quickly established that there was a common theme of promoting an alkaline environment for the body and cleansing it from acid (toxins). The studies and health benefits from reducing the body's acid levels and delivering it with a high plant based, high alkaline diet were incredible and would no doubt be concerning for multi billion dollar pharmaceutical companies.

High alkaline, high plant based diets have not only been beneficial in the prevention and cure of serious disease but can also lead to significant reductions in body fat.
Years passed and the evolution of the program was slow and often frustrating. Those acting as guinea pigs in the early days will tell you how horrible the Living Lean formula taste was.

However the weight loss results were simply outstanding which provided the motivation to continue.
We have come a long way since then. The Living Lean program is the world’s fastest way to alkaline the body through our clean eating of high alkaline foods (listed in the program) whilst supplementing this with our Alkalising (green) formula. Your pH testing kit provided in the Living Lean kit confirms this.

I am incredibly proud of the product we have today. I am pleased to say that we have helped thousands of people achieve their health, well-being and weight loss goals through the Living Lean program. Over the years, I have become a little blasé about the incredible weight loss numbers this program generates as the results are so consistent.

We continue to have a 100% success rate for our incredible customers.

This program truly changes lives.

Oh, in case you were wondering, the family friend beat his cancer.