Detox for Health


A certified organic, plant based and all-natural product, the Dietary Superfood + Minerals formulation (now available in 6 delicious flavours) will provide a thorough cleanse and detoxification to fast-track toxin removal, improve health and re-set your body. This process will rapidly boost immunity, improve energy levels, improve sleep patterns, oxygenate blood, improve skin health and balance blood sugar levels.

Suffering from health issues? Constantly unwell with poor recovery? Feeling flat, tired and lethargic? Recently been sick with a chronic condition?

Internal toxic build-up & elevated acid levels are the No.1 cause of poor health, lethargy, skin conditions & disease.

Only the highest-quality, premium ingredients are used to provide chlorophyll, vitamins, protein, amino acids, enzymes, anti-oxidants, fibre along with essential minerals required by the body for replenishment and maintenance. The inclusion of superior grade product assists in the process of replicating healthy body cells to allow you to recover from illness, improve immunity or simply have more energy..

Living Lean is certified organic and proudly grown, manufactured & packaged in Australia, the world's premier natural and organic region.

The fast-acting formula also includes:

  • Organic Supergreens:  for anti-oxidants, protein, amino acids, weight loss, heart health and lowering of blood glucose levels; 
  • Essential Trace Minerals: for skeletal maintenance, improved immune system, cell production, nerve and muscle function, enzymes, tissue growth, pH balance & energy production

Living Lean Organic Superfood + Minerals is the perfect twice-a-day super-charged supplement to boost immunity in the fight against chronic illness, coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and influenza.

Also includes pH strips to test the pH of your body system and a step-by-step Starter Guide.

The Living Lean Organic Superfood + Minerals is available in 6 delicious flavours:

  • Organic Dietary Superfood + Minerals (Original Flavour) - 20 x 8g sachets: $89.99, or
  • Organic Dietary Superfood + Minerals in your choice of 5 delicious flavours - Berry, Apple, Salted Caramel, Choc/Cacao or Green Tea (add$106.99) Organic 3 x 100g tubs: $106.99

    Both are available on our 'Products' page

    Don't wait any longer to start your journey to improved health and well-being

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