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Find out how this weight loss revolution improves energy levels, increases muscle mass, and helps fight many diseases.

Make healthful, delicious meals with our Living Lean Recipes with nutrition information provided for each recipe.

Living Proof

Success stories really do speak for themselves, and our customers are living proof that you can strip excess weight fast.



Living Lean is the rapid weight loss program taking Australia by storm.

Researched and designed by Australia's premier health and fitness expert Ben Sammut, the program's primary aim is to improve the cellular health of the human body. Once cellular health has been improved, the body will rapidly dispose of any stored or unwanted body fat.

Additional benefits resulting from an improvement in cellular health can include the regulation of hormonal imbalances, reduced levels of fatigue, improved skin health and a reduction in the risk of many common diseases. Suitable for men & women of all ages the specially formulated Living Lean Program will have you consuming high quality natural food to improve body chemistry and ensure safe yet rapid weight loss.

Is you body chemistry stopping you from losing weight?


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