Premium Marine Collagen (100g)

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Premium Marine Collagen (100g)

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Collagen is a super-protein that plays a vital role within the body, acting as the glue that holds our body together. Collagen makes up 75% of our skin, over 90% of our ligaments and tendons and 35% of our bones along with being the primary structure of hair, nails and cartilage. Collagen production within the body starts to deplete around 25 years of age at a rate of approximately 2% per year - with natural collagen production ceasing altogether in your mid-50's. It is at this time that we start to see noticeable physical changes, usually in the form of sagging or wrinkled skin and fine, grey or loss of hair. Natural supplementation through Living Lean Marine Collagen can assist in increasing the body's collagen level as well as assist with the body's natural production of this super-protein to ensure that your hair, skin, nails, joints and bones stay strong & healthy. - 100% Natural Marine Collagen - Sustainably-Sourced from Wild Deep-Sea Fish - Types I & III Collagen - Australian Owned, Made & Packaged - KETO Friendly - Dairy Free - GMP Certified (Good Manufacturing Practice) Key Benefits include: - Skin: Research indicates that marine collagen repairs skin collagen and elastin protein fibers whilst producing a significant thickening of the outer skin surface (epidermis) which results in decreased wrinkles, improved skin hydration and firmness. - Hair: Research suggests that the amino acids in marine collagen act as a building block for thicker, fuller and stronger hair whilst assisting in reducing hair loss. This is achieved by the collagen assisting the body to make more keratin. - Nails: Marine Collagen can significantly strengthen weak, brittle, splitting or flaking nails - allowing them to become strong, healthy and shiny to ensure you feel confident and beautiful. - Joints: Collagen helps maintain the integrity of your cartilage - the rubber-like tissue that protects joints. As collagen production in your body decreases as we age, the risk of developing degenerative joint disorders such as osteoarthritis increases - taking high-quality collagen supplements may help to improve these symptoms. - Bone Density: Bones are made primarily of collagen, which gives them structure and strength. The collagen in bones also deteriorates as we age, which can lead to osteoporosis whilst increasing the risk of bone fractures. Taking premium collagen inhibits this process.

-100% Natural Marine Collagen (Sustainably-Sourced from Wild Deep-Sea Fish)
A great nutritional supplement to improve the health of hair, nails, skin, joints and cartilage.
Combine 2 heaped scoops (10g) of Marine Collagen with 250 - 500ml water or in your favourite hot or cold drink (smoothie, coffee or tea). Consume once daily or as directed by your healthcare professional.