Organic Detox & Weight Loss Formula - 5 Day

Organic Detox & Weight Loss Formula - 5 Day

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NOW AVAILABLE IN 6 DELICIOUS FLAVOURS. Please your taste buds whilst lowering your waistline. Easy-to-drink, powerful formula to fast-track your results.

RAPID ALKALINE DETOX. Provides a fast and effective colon, kidney, lung, liver, skin and bowel cleanse to improve sleep, mood, skin, mental focus & energy levels through enhanced cellular health. 

SIMPLE, EASY-TO-FOLLOW PROGRAM. Includes meal plan, shopping list & recipes for your convenience.

FAST, NATURAL & SUSTAINABLE. From lethargic & tired to vibrant & rejuvenated in days.


SUPPORTIVE 24 HOUR SUPPORT. Your results are our primary focus. We ensure you are supported every step of the way to allow you to achieve your best possible result.

Living Lean is a certified organic, all-natural detox and weight loss program that focuses on cleansing the body to achieve well-being in unprecedented timeframes.

Struggling to lose weight after countless attempts? Do you have a fear of regaining weight? Constantly feeling tired?

Internal toxic build-up & elevated acid levels increase the size of fat cells & are the No.1 cause of poor health, lethargy, skin conditions & weight gain.

Our alkalizing detox and weight loss formula includes a synergistic blend of the highest quality, premium trace minerals & organic nutrient-dense superfoods to provide chlorophyll, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, enzymes & protein. The inclusion of superior grade product assists in the process of replicating healthy body cells & ensures no muscle or fluid wastage occurs whilst completing the weight loss program.

Living Lean is certified organic and proudly grown, manufactured & packaged in Australia, the world's premier natural and organic region.

Benefits of our detox program:

  • Internal colon cleanse
  • Remove unhealthy body toxins
  • Increases the pH balance within the body

What's in the box? 

  • Starter guide, meal plan & shopping list
  • Natural detox and weight loss formula
  • pH test strips (urine)
  • Water (ionizing) Wand
  • BONUS: Recipe guide

Original Flavour: "I really enjoyed the 5 day Living Lean program. If you stick to it and commit the 5 days - the results will follow" Courtney

Original Flavour: "I would never have thought that losing 4.5kgs in 5 days was possible without feeling tired and lethargic. I felt the complete opposite - alert and energetic - the entire time." Nathan

Apple Flavour: "5kgs in 5 days - So simple to follow and tastes delicious." Lee

Cacao/Choc Flavour: "I lost a total of 4.2kgs in 5 days.I didn't feel flat or lethargic at all. I am so happy." Matt

Berry Flavour: "So easy to drink. Follow the directions and the weight falls of you. I lost 4.1kgs in 5 days." Stuart

Salted Caramel Flavour: "5kgs in 5 days - who would have thought that weight loss can taste so good. Just like a milkshake. So good." Ben

Green Tea Flavour: "I love the taste of green tea so when I saw this flavour I had to have it.The weight loss was easy to achieve and I can't get enough of the drink. 4.6kgs in 5 days. I can't believe it." Jason

We ensure that optimal body chemistry is achieved within 48 hours for improved cell health, increased alkalinity, and fast, effective & sustainable weight loss.

Suitable for paleo, vegan, slow carb, and various types of diets.

Limited supply available

Click "Add to Cart" now and kickstart your sustainable weight loss plan.

P.S. Also available:

  • As a 15-day Detox & Weight Loss Formula ($179.99)
  • With your choice of 6 delicious flavours - add $10.00

Customer Reviews 7 item(s)

Very Happy
I don't often write reviews but this product does all that it claims. I lost 4.1kgs in 5 days and am so happy that I have found a product that actually achieves results in next to no time. Ill definitely be re-purchasing. Review by Matthew / (Posted on 14/04/2022)
Berry Tastes Amazing - Lost 3.3kgs
I have tried to lose weight so many times in the past.
Living Lean is the only program that has worked for me. Review by Melissa / (Posted on 13/04/2022)
5 Stars
I have tried every diet under the sun. Living Lean is by far the most effective and fastest weight loss program that I have used. I have lost 3.2kgs in only 4 days and has come from the hard to lose areas like my thighs and stomach. I'll definitely be purchasing again to continue the journey. Review by Carol / (Posted on 8/03/2022)
5.4kgs in 5 days
Living Lean is the best detox ever. 5.4kgs gone in only 5 days using the salted caramel flavour. I am a gout sufferer and have noticed a huge reduction in my joint inflammation. I seriously feel so energised. Review by Mick / (Posted on 23/11/2021)
4.1kgs lighter, feel great, more energy and lost my bloated stomach. Salted Caramel tastes great and made it so easy to do. Review by Katherine / (Posted on 23/09/2021)
Great Product
I went into Living Lean with an open mind and a set of goals.
I lost 2.3kgs in 5 days using the Cacao/Choc flavour.
My entire outlook on my diet has taken a massive change in all the right ways.
I'm eating healthier, feeling great and have more energy to enjoy a healthier lifestyle .
Eat right and hit your weight target.
Great advice and expertise from the Living lean team.
Review by Stuart / (Posted on 20/09/2021)
All I can say is WOW. What a difference 5 days can make. The first couple of days were tough, but after finishing the full course I felt energised like I was 10 years younger. Many Thanks Review by Don B / (Posted on 10/10/2017)
Organic Chlorella, Organic Spirulina, Organic Wheat Grass, Organic Barley Grass, Organic Spinach, Organic Alfalfa, Organic Stevia, Living Lean Mineral Blend (Sodium Bicarbonate, Calcium Carbonate, Potassium Bicarbonate), Sodium Bentonite
Packed with vitamins and minerals for optimal body function and high in fibre
Mix 1 sachet with approx 500ml - 1000ml of water , 4 times daily