Organic Detox & Weight Loss Formula - 5 Day

Organic Detox & Weight Loss Formula - 5 Day
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7 Item(s)

Very Happy
I don't often write reviews but this product does all that it claims. I lost 4.1kgs in 5 days and am so happy that I have found a product that actually achieves results in next to no time. Ill definitely be re-purchasing. Review by Matthew / (Posted on 14/04/2022)
Berry Tastes Amazing - Lost 3.3kgs
I have tried to lose weight so many times in the past.
Living Lean is the only program that has worked for me. Review by Melissa / (Posted on 13/04/2022)
5 Stars
I have tried every diet under the sun. Living Lean is by far the most effective and fastest weight loss program that I have used. I have lost 3.2kgs in only 4 days and has come from the hard to lose areas like my thighs and stomach. I'll definitely be purchasing again to continue the journey. Review by Carol / (Posted on 8/03/2022)
5.4kgs in 5 days
Living Lean is the best detox ever. 5.4kgs gone in only 5 days using the salted caramel flavour. I am a gout sufferer and have noticed a huge reduction in my joint inflammation. I seriously feel so energised. Review by Mick / (Posted on 23/11/2021)
4.1kgs lighter, feel great, more energy and lost my bloated stomach. Salted Caramel tastes great and made it so easy to do. Review by Katherine / (Posted on 23/09/2021)
Great Product
I went into Living Lean with an open mind and a set of goals.
I lost 2.3kgs in 5 days using the Cacao/Choc flavour.
My entire outlook on my diet has taken a massive change in all the right ways.
I'm eating healthier, feeling great and have more energy to enjoy a healthier lifestyle .
Eat right and hit your weight target.
Great advice and expertise from the Living lean team.
Review by Stuart / (Posted on 20/09/2021)
All I can say is WOW. What a difference 5 days can make. The first couple of days were tough, but after finishing the full course I felt energised like I was 10 years younger. Many Thanks Review by Don B / (Posted on 10/10/2017)

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