Weight Loss Formula


The Living Lean natural weight loss formula

Living Lean is available as a 5 day or 15 day weight loss program. All inclusions remain the same. The only difference is the total amount of supplies contained within the package.

The three key principles to achieving optimal weight loss whilst undertaking the program are

1. Consume only those foods found on the Living Lean 'Approved Food' list
2. All 'Approved Food' is required to be consumed in a soft, mashed or pureed state
3. Consume 4 litres of Alkaline water, supplemented with the Living Lean Natural Weight Loss Formula, per day.

These three points MUST be adhered to consistently and are necessary to maximise results. If you can make this commitment, results are sure to follow in never-before- seen timeframes.

The Living Lean Natural Weight Loss Formula Is Ideally Suited To Those Who:

            • Are looking to achieve major weight loss results
            • Are in need of a pick-me-up due to feelings of lethargy, tiredness or fatigue
            • Are suffering from health issues (anything from the common cold to dry skin to diabetes)
            • Need to revitalise and rebalance their body system in the shortest possible time frame
            • Have recently had a diet containing medium to large amounts of protein, saturated fat, sugar or alcohol

What to expect (positive)

        • Rapid weight loss*
        • Improved skin health
        • Improved clarity of mind
        • Improved energy levels
        • Improved sense of general well being
        • Less frequent aches and pains
        • Decreased chance of contracting illness

What to expect (negative)

        • Detox symptoms on Day 2 and/or 3 (slight muscle aches and/or headache). Nurofen and Panadol are permitted.
        • Increased urine frequency
        • Drinking 4 litres of the Living Lean Natural Weight Loss Formula

Signs of success

        • Significant weight loss*
        • Mental clarity and a general feeling of well-being
        • pH strip blue / purple (pH of 8 – 9.5) by day 2 to 3
        • Increased energy levels
        • Living Lean Natural Weight Loss Formula being comfortably consumed

What to eat

100% of all food consumed whilst undergoing the Living Lean program is required to come from the ‘Approved Food’ list and be consumed in a soft, mashed or pureed state.

A Weight Loss Recipe e-book is available for download (click here) and contains recipes suitable for consumption whilst on the Living Lean program.

You will find a 5 day shopping list and sample menu plan contained with brochures that come within the kit. The shopping list contains everything you will need if eating from the menu plan.


The Living Lean 5 or 15 day Natural Weight Loss Formula can be repeated until your weight loss goals are achieved.

If you have achieved your weight loss goals, you should progress on to the Living Lean Natural Lifestyle Formula. Click here for more information.

* Individual results will vary